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Speakers -

The 2nd Annual Southeast Adult Autism Symposium is thankful and grateful for the many speakers who are giving of their time to spend with us in sharing great information at this event.

"Panel Discussion "  - Various Panel Members


Summary of Presentation - this is an open Q & A discussion, in which panel members share their stories with the audience and audience members ask questions to the panel.  Moderator will faciiltate discussion.

"Self-Advocacy and the Art of Negotiation - Taylor Kristan, BS, BASB-RBT and Vince Kusiak, BA, CCEI-CDA


Summary of Presentation - Aspies face a social cognition disadvantage in the competitive workforce. Understanding workplace protocol, coping with a change in routine - can be difficult, even deal breaking. These skills can be learned through our pioneering improv approach.


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"DiverseAbilities Autism Hiring Project" - Linda Behmke, PHR, SHRM-CP


Summary of Presentation - We hope to share our successes and areas of challenge with others who are trying to implement hiring programs that target individuals on the Autism spectrum, as well as share ideas with service providers who are working in the employment area.


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