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Reverse Job Fairs

The GCA Centre for Adult Autism is involved with reverse job fairs to help autistic adults and young adults find suitable employment.  

A reverse job fair is a traditional job fair in which the roles of employers and job seekers are reversed.  In a reverse job fair, employers go to the tables of job seekers and job seekers sit behind the tables.

Because the participants of GCA's reverse job fair are autistic and the CAEC's being disabilities across the spectrum, employers understand that hiring an individual at one of these fairs will require a talk on accommodations.

For more information, click on the following:

Spreadsheet summary of a reverse job fair

Iowa Disability Reverse Job Fair (courtesy of Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services)

Autism Council of Rochester Reverse Job Fair (courtesy of Innovation Trail)

Chattanooga Area Employment Consortium (CAEC)

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