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This page is dedicated to research opportunities and research reports in the field of autism, more particularly with high functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome. 

Online Research Journals (Free)

Molecular Autism


Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis - Vols. 1 to 44; 1968 to 2011

Research Organizations Involving Autism and ASD
International Center for Autism Research and Education
Organization for Autism Research
Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center
Autism Research Institute

Searchable Online Databases (type in "autism", "Asperger Syndrome", or "ASD" in search box)

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) -supported by the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Educational Research & Improvement


Google Scholar (keywords "adults with autism")


PubMed (Medical Publications) — maintained by the National Library of Medicine at the NIH


National Database for Autism Research - NIH-funded research data repository that aims to accelerate progress in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) research through data sharing, data harmonization, and the reporting of research results


ScienceDirect - a searchable database of professional literature and other scientific information in a user-friendly format

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