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The GCA Centre for Adult Autism is a member of the Chattanooga Area Employment Consortium (CAEC).  The CAEC consists of nonprofits in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee and Georgia who work with adults who have various disabilities to become gainfully employed.  Meetings take place monthly at a CAEC member's location.


GCA's involvement is as an autism partner with the Consortium.  Currently, GCA is partnering with agencies in Tennessee and Georgia to hold reverse job fairs in both states for adults on the autism spectrum/autistic adults.


What a reverse job fair does is take a traditional job fair and turn it upside down on its head.  At a traditional job fair, job applicants go to the tables of employers to sell themselves. Due to the number of applicants at these type of fairs, an applicant may have a minimal amount of time to sell an employer on his/her skill sets and fit for the employer.  This does not give the employer adequate time to "vet" the applicant and his/her resume.


At a reverse job fair, job applicants sit at the tables as employers stop by their tables.  The goal is for the applicant use marketing materials (business cards, resumes, trifold, etc.) to sell the employer on why the employer should consider hiring the applicant.  Because this is an autism and disability- based reverse job fair, applicants will be more at ease talking with employers.  Thus, the pressure these applicants may face otherwise will be minimized.  

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