2020 Southeast Adult Autism Symposium Recordings

Below, you will find links to download and/or stream video of the 4th Annual Southeast Adult Symposium, which took place on Zoom on July 24 and 25, 2020. Streaming is only recommended for those with high Internet speeds. Our video for Day 1 is a YouTube link, and our video for Day 2 is a Zoom link. I have provided timestamps for people that may wish to jump to a particular presentation, as both of these videos are over 3 hours long. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing these videos, please contact Kevin Fox at kevin.fox@chattanoogaautismcenter.org.

Day 1 Timestamps

00:00 - Introduction to Day 1 
02:02 - Melvin Rodgers, "Autism and Aging: A Spiritual Care Perspective"
1:14:58 - Katie Thune, "Safe and Healthy Relationships for All"
2:30:19 - Jonathan Sharp, Catie Beaulieu, Antonio Blazevic, Michael Coyne, Taylor C. Duncan and Eric D. Zimmerman - "Entrepreneurship Panel"

Day 2 Timestamps

00:00 - Introduction to Day 2 
01:30 - Breanna Kelly, "Autism and Mental Healthcare"
1:15:02 - Kayla Rodriguez and Spenser Norris, "Dating, Relationships and Sex on the Autism Spectrum"
2:30:14 - Scott Kramer Volunteer of the Year Award Presentation
2:37:31 - Daniel Durany, "Thriving Through Employment"

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