Don't miss the 4th Annual Adult Autism Symposium on July 25, 2020.
Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we regret to announce that an in-person Southeast Adult Autism Symposium will not be held in 2020. However, we are currently looking into avenues to hold the conference online via Zoom in July. Stay tuned to this page, as we will have more information very soon!
Each year, the Symposium presents topics and speakers that are of interest to autistic adults, educators and caregivers. It in one of the only conferences which focuses on adults only.
Sponsor and Exhibitor Registration is open. Click here to download a sponsor/exhibitor packet. Click here to submit an exhibitor and sponsor online application.
Speaker Registration is open. Click here to submit your applications if you would like to make a presentation at this year's Symposium. Feel free to share the link if you know someone else that would like to speak.
For questions about this year's symposium, contact Nathan Zimmerman at or call 423-531-6961 opt 7. For questions about becoming a speaker or the speaker application process, please contact Jonathan Sharp at
Here are a few of the previous topics covered:
"Organization and Planning: Practical Strategies for Independent Living"
"Reaching Beyond Everyday Social Interactions; Dealing with 'Difficult' People" - David Griffin
"Safety Skills for Aspies Wallflowers"
"Grief Recovery" - Julie Cox
"The Autistic Mind in the World of Employment Anxiety" 
"Quest Diagnostics DiverseAbilities Autism Hiring Initiative" 
"Discovering the Collective Rhythm: Normal and Societal Connections Through Music"
"You Are CapABLE of Amazing Things"
"Using Social Media to Make Healthy Connections"

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