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7th Annual Southeast Adult Autism Symposium
Saturday, July 22, 2023
University of Tennessee - Chattanooga

The 2023 Southeast Adult Autism Symposium took place in person at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (UTC) University Center on Saturday, July 23.

Check out our speaker page with information about and descriptions of the presentations that took place at this symposium. PowerPoint presentations (for select talks) and a video of the independent living panel discussion will be uploaded soon!

Click here to see a copy of the Symposium agenda. 

Presentations included:

Kevin Fox, Claire Kraft, and Nathan Zimmerman - "Independent Living with Autism: A Panel"

John G. Huisman, Attorney - "Practical Legal Answers from a Lawyer & a Father"

Troy Krombholz - Observations & "Opinions" about Relationships from an Autistic Adult

Dr. Amanda Platner, PsyD, ABPP; Laura S. Coleman, BA, Psychology - "Mental Health & ASD in the Workplace"

Melvin R. Rodgers, D.Min, BCC, ACPE - "Autism and Aging: A Spiritual Care Imperative"

Matthew Segall, PhD & Kelsey Bohlke, LPC - "Amplifying Voices: Autistic Inclusion on Project Advisory Boards"

Shlok Shah, Synergies Work - "Igniting Change: An Innovative Approach to Entrepreneurship"

Meredith Sinclair, MS, CRC - "Social Skills Across Neurotypes: Skills for Success While Staying Authentic"

Ivy Varenhost & Michael Rubino - "Empowerment Through Self-Care"

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