3rd Annual Symposium Links

Please see below for the list of Symposium planning committee members who helped make a great Symposium this year.


- Scott Kramer, Primary Symposium Conference Coordinator

- Dave Buck, Backup Conference Coordinator and Check-In Registration Coordinator

- Courtney Chandler, Exhibitor Coordinator

- Julie Cox, Speaker Coordinator/Presenter

- Lauri Burmeister, PR Coordinator

- Mary Robertson, Silent Auction Coordinator

- Amber Doolittle, Program Guide Coordinator

- April Jagger, Symposium Panel Moderator

- Abbigail Yarber, Committee Member

- Carol Marriott, Committee Member

- Courtney Johnson, Committee Member

- Dia Neighbors, Committee Member

- Jamie Mackintosh, Committee Member

- Jonathan Sharp, Committee Member/Presenter

- Maureen Pettigrew, Committee Member

- Nancy Rogers, Committee Member/Presenter

- Nancy Rosanes, Committee Member/Room Monitor

- Nathan Zimmerman, Committee Member/Panelist

- Neil Friedman, Committee Member

- Robert Caldwell, Committee Member

- Share Friedman, Committee Member

- Stacey Dixon, Committee Member

- Sue Lowery, Committee Member/Room Monitor

- Teresa Cockerham, Committee Member

- Sue Lowery, Committee Member/Room Monitor