Look below for previous Symposium presentations.  These are from the 2nd Annual Southeast Adult Autism Symposium in 2018.

3rd Annual Symposium Links

"Organization and Planning: Practical Strategies for Independent Living" - Courtney Johnson
"Reaching Beyond Everyday Social Interactions;
Dealing with 'Difficult' People" - David Griffin
"Safety Skills for Aspies Wallflowers" - Dia Neighbors
"Grief Recovery" - Julie Cox
"The Autistic Mind in the World of Employment Anxiety" - Kimberly Brunner
"Quest Diagnostics DiverseAbilities Autism Hiring Initiative" - Linda Behmke
"Discovering the Collective Rythym: Normal and Societal Connections Through Music" - Martha Summa-Chadwick
"You Are CapABLE of Amazing Things" - Rebecca Miller & Peter Harrison
"Using Social Media to Make Healthy Connections - Stacey Dixon
"BlueAssist & Cloudina" - Sandy Hanebrink
"The Importance of Healthcare Screenings" - Scott Kramer & Elizabeth Huitz