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Any submitted original work to Autism Southeast United Magazine is automatically copyrighted for the submitter.   Because The Maestro edits and publishes ASU on a strictly volunteer basis and does NOT receive any sponsorships, advertising revenue, or any other source of income to support ASU, all submissions to ASU are volunteer in nature and will not result in any monetary form of compensation from ASU to the submitter.  Submitter of published original work may download the link to the right of the issue that the original work was published and print it as many times as needed as compensation.

Thus, the submitter of a published piece of original work (artwork, written work, etc.) retains the copyright of the original work, but ASU retains the copyright of each issue of the magazine overall.

Also, there are no guarantees - no guarantees your original work will be accepted and published or where your original work will be located in the magazine.

If your original work is accepted and published, there are no guarantees that ASU accepts your original work for additional issues in a row.  In other words, ASU reserves the right to accept and publish the original work of new submitters first before accepting and publishing the original work of previous submitters.  This is fair for everyone.

Thanks for understanding.

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